[WD]Western Digital Caviar Black 500GB WD5002AALX Review | New HDD TheCloud903 4.5

[WD]Western Digital Caviar Black 500GB WD5002AALX Review

Now is the time that high performance is needed. "Time is money", right? This Western Digital Caviar Black with its combination is one of the hard drive with high performance. I recommend this one as a great hard drive. This hard drive combination are Sata 3/iii with 32MB cache, Sata 2/ii with 32MB cache, SATA 3 or 6Gb/s with 64mb cache, and Sata ii with 64mb cache. There is quite a lot of combinations. But Now, i will review about Caviar Black Sata 3 with 32 MB cache.

Before i give you review about it, i will give a little information. WD Caviar Black Hard Drive have 5 kind capasity : 500GB, 750GB, 1TB ,1.5TB, 2TB.

I will review Western Digital Caviar Black 500 GB SATA III 7200 RPM 32 MB Cache Internal Desktop Hard Drive Bulk/OEM - WD5002AALX now...
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Why Western Digital Caviar Black WD5002AALX Hard Drive ?
  1. Combination Sata III, 32mb cache, and 7200RPM it will give so high performance.
  2. Western Digital Caviar Black 500gb is great hard drive with Great Price.
  3. Caviar Black has 5 years warranty. No Compromise, High Performance and High Reliability with Great Price

I really excited with Caviar Black. Amazing HDD, the point is i really recommended this HDD.

Who Need Western Digital Caviar Black WD7502AAEX Hard Drive ?
  1. If you are someone who demand only the best, you will so satisfy with this.
  2. True gamer who need "high performance" when play game and without Lag.
  3. Do you work with photos or videos editing???or you just learn and like it???So, this Hard drive is very Compatible with you.

Western Digital Caviar Black Hard Drive WD7502AAEX Problem :
High Performance and Reliability, Great Price, 5 years Warranty, But it's not silent. The people call it sound like coffee pot, but it's overstating the noise level. You can hear it during heavy write. But nothing can make you regret if you're not building your pc was aimed at silence. So, i suggest use your computer while listening to music.

Speed Rate's WD5002AALX with HD Tune 2.55 :

This is Video which I found on Youtube about WD Caviar Green WD5002AALX Hard Drive
Game Testing :

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The Looks Packed :

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